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What do you do when your husband refuses to have sex with you anymore?

What do you do when your husband refuses to have sex with you anymore? We have always had a very active sex life until the past 5 years. He had open heart surgery and since then nothing. He claims I have killed his sex drive but I don't believe him. I have used scripture I Corinthians 7 to explain to him why he should not be this way. He's always pleasant to me but I feel like he's a roommate and not a husband. Is this grounds for divorce? I don't want to go the rest of my life without sex. We've been married for 38 years. Please don't read on the air but respond to the question on air and to me personally. I'm 69 and husband is 68 both of us are in for health.. believe he has ED but he says no. Testosterone level was checked and normal.

How can I give my wife the space she is asking for and not feel alone?

In my marriage, my wife feels like I require too much of her time and it is never enough. She has her own interests and things she likes to do alone and encourages me to do the same. I grew up with a very different example of marriage where the husband and wife basically did everything together. How can I give her the space she is asking for and not feel alone?

How can we balance each other’s needs without offending the other person?

My spouse and I struggle to have balance when it comes to spending time together. I work at a desk all day so by the end of the day I am wanting to do something active. My spouse on the other hand is working on her feet all day and is constantly active and just wants to come home and relax. By the time we are ready to spend time together we never seem to be wanting to do the same things or never have an interest in doing what the other wants. This often trickles into the weekend and we end up just fighting about what we want to do. How can we balance each other’s needs without offending the other person?

Difference in Love Languages

In the beginning of the relationship, my girlfriend was super touchy. 3 months later, I noticed that the touching has decreased significantly. I figured it was because of a different love language. I asked her what was her love language and she tells me that her love language is not physical touch, but is quality time and acts of service. It hurts me because I don't feel loved without touch. How can we navigate this to strengthen our relationship?

Accountable vs Disrespecting

I love your podcast! Thank you for all you guys do to minister to marriages! My husband and I have been reading 'The Counterfeit Climax' together...mostly. Due to some conflicts, some of the chapters bring up too sensitive of a topic and we have to pause to reflect separately. One question I have is about the suggestion you give to husbands that struggle with porn. You suggest he give passwords and access to wives (or other accountability partner). My husband will not get an accountability partner and doesn't keep his laptop and phone from me. He knows I have access to his accounts and knows I check his history from time to time.... Herein is the issue: When I see that he has viewed inappropriate material, sights, or movies, what do i do with that??? He is enraged when I ask him about something he viewed and is angry that I am the 'thought police' or 'treating him like a kindergartener'. So, as of late, I check his history, I see things that make me is not usually porn, as of late... it may just be movies with nudity and sex and 250 F bombs. I go to the Lord and pray for Peace, the grace to forgive, and for my husband to be whole, healed, and to hunger for righteousness sake... I pray for the Holy Spirit to bring Comfort and conviction. I have been able to rest in the Father's Love, but I haven't been able to trust my husband's heart. Again, you suggest a wife should have access to her husband's devices, but what do we do when we see something inappropriate? Thank you for taking the time to read my question.